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Who Am I?

My name is Lauren. I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. I attended American University in Washington, DC for my undergraduate degrees in Spanish and secondary education and my masters of arts in teaching English for speakers of other languages.

Since I was young, I have always loved to teach and share my language. I have always believed in the expression that to learn another language is to gain another soul. I have also been fortunate enough to travel and see parts of the world and to meet people from other linguistic and cultural backgrounds. I came to Buenos Aires in 2009 and think that it is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places in the world.


My Philosophy of Education

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My personal philosophy of education has to do with the three “Rs”- that is, if the information being presented is RIGOROUS and challenging to the student, REAL-WORLD related, and personally RELEVANT to the student’s interests, it will ultimately be more valuable and stay with the student long-term. This is what I strive for each of my lessons to be like.

Additionally, just as each student is different in their motivations for learning English, they are equally distinct in their learning styles. Therefore, I use a variety of resources when I teach, such as music, newspaper articles, games, books, relevant conversation, etc., in order to best fit the student’s learning needs.

My Qualifications

My Qualifications

What does an MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) mean?:

This means that I successfully finished a formal course program (which typically takes two years to
complete) at an accredited American university geared specifically toward teaching English to speakers of other languages. I had valuable in-class (not online) experiences with highly qualified professors, as well as two complete academic semesters of full time internships in a Washington, DC public high school. This wholly prepared me to work effectively with diverse student populations. I also earned certification to teach in kindergarten through grade 12 classrooms in American public school systems.


Relevant Experience

I have had years of positive experience working with people of various ages, nationalities, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds, in large groups, small groups, and as individuals. There are too many to mention in detail, but to give a general overview of some of my most important jobs as an ESL/EFL instructor, please see below:

Lincoln International School (Asociación Escuelas Lincoln)  2012-2018


My most recent position was working full time in the distinguished Lincoln International School of Buenos Aires, successfully instructing students between 11-14 years old from various countries in English as a foreign language. I developed dynamic lesson plans & activities to supplement learning. I also sponsored a homework club once a week & taught English classes to Spanish-speaking security & maintenance staff members after school.



Wall Street Institute of Korea/Edubest, Seoul, South Korea 2008-2009

In 2008 I accepted a job teaching English as a foreign language in Seoul, South Korea. My primary job was teaching adults for the Wall Street Institute of English, but I also worked part time during the mornings teaching primary school to young Korean children (aged 6-11 years old in the basics of reading, phonetics, speaking, etc.). Needless to say, this was one of the most challenging jobs I had ever taken on, but it gave me a much more profound respect for what English language learners of all ages must go through to master the language.

Language, ETC (Education & Technology Center) Washington, DC 2004-2007


I initially began working for Language, ETC as a part-time volunteer. The students were low-income immigrants coming from primarily Spanish-speaking countries (although there were some from West Africa, certain parts of Asia, etc.). Most of my classes were with large groups (of up to 30 students), but I also did one-on-one tutoring. As time went on, I wound up teaching a wide range of levels, and eventually even earned a paid position teaching the basic class (whose starting level was zero). It was a great experience, as I was allowed to bring in some of my own ideas, design some of my own activities, and I even took them on a field trip to the Native American museum on the National Mall.

Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School, Washington, DC 2006

I acted as a full time student teacher under the supervision of three different teachers in the ESL department in Roosevelt Senior High School in Washington, DC. This took place over the course of one full academic year, and during this time I gradually took over all the responsibilities of a regular teacher (including creating my own lesson plans, grading homework, etc.). Additionally, I enjoyed getting involved in student events such as Hispanic Heritage Month and the Young Women´s Summit.

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